Making Markets Work
For Smallholder Farmers


Acceso’s mission is to create fundamental and lasting positive economic change in the lives of rural smallholder farming families.

Local. Impactful. Sustainable. Efficient

Who We Are

We are local.

100% of our team in markets are local. We take the time to build community trust and leadership.

We are impactful.

Farmers working with Acceso earn real, sustainable income gains of 250% on average. Farmers and their families can stay and thrive in their communities.

We are sustainable.

Our in-market operations are 100% sustainable and would continue operating without further donor support.

We are efficient.

We operate using best-in-class business systems and rigor. Each donor dollar creates more than three additional dollars for farmers.

Our Model


Acceso makes the whole food system
work better for everyone.

See the impact!

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