Acceso is rebuilding food systems in Latin America and the Caribbean to work for the smallholder farmer.  Providing farmers with a genuine route to upward mobility has multiplier benefits for entire communities, economies, and countries.

By the end of 2022, Acceso will have over 30,000 farmers in its network.

Professionalizing the rural economy:

Acceso Haiti was the first to remove aflatoxin completely from the peanut supply chain, meeting the standards of international markets. Acceso was the first provider in the region to receive Yum! Brand’s good agricultural practices audit at the farmer level.

Creating decent rural jobs

Every community processing center creates around 60 new jobs in rural and underserved areas. 63 out of 65 employees at Acceso’s processing facility in Haiti are women.

Improving incomes in rural communities

For every dollar donated to Acceso, a farmer earns $3. Over $60 million in income has been generated for farmers, workers and their families. Farmer incomes have improved by an average of 250 per cent, and as much as 600%. 100% of employees and 97% of farmers reported more stable income, according to a study by NYU Wagner.

Increasing food and nutrition security

88 per cent of employees and 62 per cent of farmers said additional income from working with Acceso has helped when it came to buying food for their family (NYU Wagner study). Acceso’s network of farmers has provided 11 million meals to vulnerable populations including Venezuelan migrants, earthquake victims and those impacted by COVID-19. Peanut-based snacks and meals have been supplied for more than 21,600 children in Haiti.

Increasing social equality

85% of farmers interviewed reported a fall in migration levels from areas where Acceso works in El Salvador, according to a study by NYU Wagner.

    As well as uplifting small farmers,
    Acceso makes food systems better for everyone.

    for workers

    Professionalizes the sector towards market formalization:


    • Transforming the whole food system, Acceso creates new formal logistics jobs and can guarantee that all workers across the system are paid fairly.
    • We bring jobs to where they need to be. Each of our Community Processing Centers creates around 60 formalized jobs in remote communities.
    • We are creating the next wave of 100 per cent local agriculture leaders, inspiring them through training and mentoring as well as through Acceso’s Social Business Fellowship Program.
    • Today we provide direct employment for more than 400 people in long-term jobs.

    for our environment

    Mitigates climate impact
    and increases farmer resilience


    Acceso’s model aggressively
    combats climate challenges

    Shorter supply chains

    Developing shorter supply chains and streghtneing domestic food systems to replace imports reduces the environmental footprint of food systems. Acceso eliminates unnecessary food waste by closely aligning production to dynamic market needs.

    Organic Method

    Acceso offers the supply of organic compost to farmers to be used as organic fertilizer and to utilize the waste at processing facilities.

    Site selection

    Acceso prioritizes crops in regions/climate zones where they naturally thrive and works to reduce farmer dependency on chemical fertilizer. Acceso selects flat production sites or works with farmers to utilize terracing to reduce soil erosion.


    Our market-linked reforestation & micro-orchids have planted 1.7m+ fruit trees to increase farmer incomes and environmental sustainability.


    Acceso promotes symbiotic inter-cropping on smallholder fields. For example, farmers in Haiti intercrop peanuts in lime tree micro-orchards. Acceso helps farmers with planning the layout of their fields to make sure crops are strategically rotated, ensuring soil health and regeneration.

    for women

    Lifts barriers for
    women in agriculture

    Acceso believes women are an essential and often overlooked catalyst for rural development. Acceso deploys a gender lens to ensure women are valued participants in food systems, paid fairly, and have equitable paths to prosperity and in-turn, choice.

    "My life has changed. I learn new things and the important thing is that I have a salary – I have resources to support myself and get ahead"

    - Cecelia
    Processing Center Worker, El Salvador
    Acceso affirms and encourages the essential
    role of women in the following ways:


    30% of extension field staff are women with a goal of reaching 50% by 2025. Worldwide averages are below 15%.


    We are scaling Acceso Women’s Community Farm model to advance women farmers. We plan to operate over 100 farms in 3 years.


    Acceso is forming partnerships with organizations that specialize in women’s programming. For example, UN Women in El Salvador.


    Acceso’s Community Training Farms in Colombia provide hands-on opportunities for vulnerable women, including single mothers often living on less than $2.50 a day.


    Acceso builds best-in-class community processing centers to employ rural women. Nearly 90% of processing jobs are held by marginalized women with no alternative employment.


    Acceso’s teams in each country maintain a 50:50 gender balance from junior levels to upper management. We actively mentor and elevate women to leadership roles.
    Women’s Community Training Farms
    Acceso’s Community Training Farms are a scalable, replicable, and versatile market-driven model to empower thousands of vulnerable women and youth. These farms provide a hands-on learning opportunity for vulnerable women and youth to gain market-drive training to enter Acceso’s seed-to-market system.

    for buyers

    A new ‘one-stop solution’
    for buyers:

    Acceso works with more than 100 buyers, including large national and international customers (see many here) and has deep experience developing smallholder supply chains to meet even the most rigorous buyers’ needs.


    From planting to delivery, Acceso manages every aspect of the supply chain to ensure quality and designs logistics routes for ‘just-in-time’ deliveries.


    Our supply chains are traceable and transparent.


    We create new markets, working with farmers and buyers on R&D and testing new crops/varieties, certifications, processed products and developing new private label products.


    Acceso teams are experts in negotiating large food procurement contracts. We negotiate ‘win-win’ agreements for both farmers and buyers.
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