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Acceso is a social business builder that brings entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty

We build, invest start-up capital into, manage, and scale agribusinesses that work with smallholder farmers and fishers. We improve the livelihoods of these producers and their communities by improving agricultural productivity, creating job opportunities, and facilitating long-term linkages to high value markets.

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By building businesses using a market-driven approach working with large companies, with value-added support from an expert central team, we are able to eliminate many of the risks and barriers that prevent social businesses focused on economic development from being successful. Our experience as social business builders across multiple countries allows us to replicate the model in new geographies to increase our impact.

To small farmers and fishers, we provide end-to-end support from training to financing to guaranteed crop purchase. This significantly increases their incomes, providing a path out of poverty.

To buyers, we provide sustainably sourced, high quality local products that meet the volume and quality requirements of supermarkets, retailers, and other buyers at competitive prices.

To impact investors, we offer a pipeline of innovative social investment opportunities supported by best-in-class teams.

To philanthropists, we offer a way to support smallholder economic development with guaranteed market linkages, and ensure sustainable livelihood improvements for poor communities in a highly cost-effective way, supported by monitoring and evaluation.

To organizations working in agriculture, we consult on best practices and social impact, and provide thought leadership on replicating similar models.

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As a leading social agribusiness builder in Latin America and the Caribbean with support from Frank Giustra and the Giustra Foundation, the businesses we have built include:

Acceso Colombia, one of the pioneering Colombian agribusinesses that sources fruits and vegetables from smallholder farmers in the Andean and Caribbean regions and sells to large local retailers and food service companies;

Acceso El Salvador, the leading smallholder sourcing company in El Salvador that sources more than 60 types of fruits and vegetables, and fish and seafood from smallholder farmers and fishers and sells to the largest national supermarket and restaurant chains; and

Acceso Haiti, one of few successful social agribusinesses in Haiti that has staying power and works with the largest formalized network of farmers in the country, sourcing peanuts, mango, and moringa for sale to local and international buyers.

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