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Saintania is a mother-of-five and smallholder farmer from Haiti, who struggles to make a living like most of the 22 million smallholders across Latin America and the Caribbean.
Acceso (“access” in Spanish) transforms the entire food system from seed to market, making it work for smallholder farmers like Saintania.
Acceso Farmer

First, Acceso builds Saintania’s capacity including the delivery of technical training, inputs, and financing, so that she is more productive and growing what markets need.

Next Acceso buys Saintania’s crops, aggregating them with products from neighboring farmers and processing them as needed, as part of its multi-crop to multi-buyer Commercialization System.
Acceso then finds the best possible market for Saintania and thousands of other farmers.


Acceso’s model builds resilient local food systems, supplying smallholder sourced produce to supermarkets, restaurant chains, and other large domestic buyers.


Acceso builds high value export products enabling smallholder farmers to participate fairly in international markets.


Acceso combats food insecurity by providing local smallholder sourced food for refugees, disaster relief, and other feeding programs.

105 %

improvement in income

Since working with Acceso, Saintania has turned her one-hectare farm into a viable, thriving business, employing up to 25 employees during peak harvest. She can now provide food, schooling, and medicine for her five children and husband, while also investing in livestock to grow her business.
Acceso makes the whole food system
work better for everyone.

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