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Acceso Haiti has built the largest formalized network of smallholder farmers in Haiti supporting more than 10,000 farmers

Process To Date:

• Acceso has revitalized the peanut sector in Haiti and is now expanding to new crops and regions, improving food security for rural communities

• Acceso operates one of the country’s only reliable network of depots to aggregate, store, and conduct aflatoxin testing on peanuts.

• Acceso operates the largest nursery in Central Haiti and has distributed more than a million seedlings to farmers, including the planting of hundreds of thousands of fruit trees to reforest Haiti and provide future incomes for small farmers.

• We are creating new export markets for Haitian farmers through products such as Lavi Peanut Butter, and building the country’s first export grade community processing center for moringa and other new crops.

• Our smallholder farmer network provides food for more than 12,000 children daily in partnership with local feeding programs, which we continue to expand aggressively.
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