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El Salvador

Acceso El Salvador is the leading smallholder sourcing platform in the country.
We are scaling our platform to impact tens of thousands of additional producers, stabilizing rural communities, and creating new export market access for farmers.

Progress to Date:

• We currently serve nearly 4,000 farmers and are implementing scale up plans to increase incomes for over 30,000 smallholders farmers by 2027.
• We source more than 60 types of fruits and vegetables as well as fish and seafood from smallholder farmers and fishers and supply to many of the country’s leading food companies including Subway, El Salvador’s largest supermarket chain Super Selectos, Price Smart, and Yum! Brands.  
• Acceso El Salvador was the first business in Central America to pass the Good Agricultural Practices audit of the farmer’s plot by Yum! Brands.
• Acceso is transforming the country’s tilapia sector, introducing new varieties to increase small fishers’ incomes, building the country’s leading tilapia hatchery and creating new formal markets for the sector.
• In areas where Acceso works, 85% reported a fall in migration levels, according to a study by NYU Wagner.
To learn more, partner with us, or to support our work reach out at info@acceso.org
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