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Acceso Colombia is the leading smallholder sourcing platform for formal buyers in the Pacific and Caribbean regions. We are expanding impact in post-conflict areas while continuing to channel smallholder produce to humanitarian feeding programs and opening new export markets for smallholders.
Progress to Date:
• Acceso Colombia has impacted more than 2,100 smallholder producers. Of its smallholder network, 33% are displaced or victims of conflict, 28% are afro-Colombian, and 30% are female.  
• Acceso sells to 4 leading national supermarkets and has developed a distribution network for small local retailers.
• Acceso Colombia sells 12 million pounds of fresh produce annually.
• Acceso Colombia is pioneering a new approach to sourcing through Community Farms that de-risks agriculture for women and elevates them from farm labors or subsistence farming to farming entrepreneurs.  
• We have provided more than 12 million meals sourced from smallholders to more than 350,000 Venezuelan migrants and refugees.
To learn more, partner with us, or to support our work reach out at info@acceso.org
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