Our History

Acceso has refined its unique model for economic development for over a decade. Co-founded in 2007 by philanthropist Frank Giustra and the Clinton Foundation, Acceso started as an initiative within the Clinton Foundation, and sought to address poverty alleviation at scale.

After several years of testing different approaches across three continents, alongside some of the world’s largest corporate buyers, testing different approaches ranging from aggregation of singular cash crops to more complex multi crop models, Acceso realized that lasting economic development through agriculture requires going beyond simply increasing farmers’ capacity to produce more. This insight inspired a new social enterprise model to rebuild entire food systems from seed to market, supporting farmers from training to sales, and importantly creating the missing architecture to connect them to the most advantageous markets so that they can participate in and benefit from the formal economy.

Acceso was established as an independent non-profit organization in 2020, to scale and replicate this work.


Acceso builds the entire
food system from seed to market.

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