Acceso stories: Dionel Arnoldo, a powerful story of migration

In honor of International Migrants Day, we’re sharing the experience of Dionel Arnoldo, a Salvadoran farmer who embarked on a difficult migration journey to the US when he was 21. Upon his return to El Salvador, he found a stable opportunity working with Acceso El Salvador for the past 6 years, producing tomatoes.

“Over time, as opportunities started to emerge, with the possibility of growing in what I do, I decided to stay here because the truth is that it is also hard to leave your family… There are many young people here who have set out to work in the fields, many of them, and they are no longer just roaming up and down the streets thanks to the opportunities that Acceso has provided.”

The choice to migrate is one that requires a great deal of sacrifice. In order to support migrant communities, we believe in addressing the needs in their countries of origin at individual, community, and structural levels so they don’t always have to make the risky decision to leave. As Acceso, we do not take a position on individuals’ choices to migrate; we focus on empowering farmers with long-term opportunities and market access that enable them to live healthy, dignified, and prosperous lives in their communities should they desire to stay and have the option of doing so.

We’re grateful to Arnoldo for sharing his story and proud of the work of our Acceso team in El Salvador. Watch the video below!

Video produced by Paramo Films for Acceso.