Urgent storm relief fund for El Salvador farmers

Please support small Salvadoran producers in rebuilding through this urgent relief fund created by Acceso El Salvador’s general manager Andres Baiza:

Tropical Storm Amanda caused widespread destruction in El Salvador

Tropical Storm Amanda hit El Salvador on Sunday, May 31 and left unprecedented and widespread destruction to homes, roads, and infrastructure. The President declared a 15-day state of emergency to cope with the effects, which he estimated to have caused $200m in damage. “We’re living through an emergency of great magnitude happening while we’re already dealing with another emergency of enormous proportions [the coronavirus pandemic],” said San Salvador Mayor Muyshondt.

1,000 of our farmers and fishers have lost a huge portion of their livelihoods

Flooding and mudslides caused a huge loss to farmers’ crops which represents livelihoods for them, their families, and rural communities. Tilapia producers have also lost most of their production entirely due to fish cages sinking and overflowing.

Our team is working on a full damage assessment and disaster response plans which will include identification of crops for quickest recovery planting.

Support our local team led by Andres Baiza in raising $10,000 in URGENT relief funds to help small producers and their communities rebuild.

These funds will be used for:

  • Distribution of seeds for subsistence crops
  • New seeds and seedlings to replace lost farmer production for sale
  • Repairs to farmer infrastructure such as green houses, irrigation systems and macro-tunnels
  • Replacement fingerlings and fish food for tilapia producers
  • Food distribution for most vulnerable producers and their families


Link to Urgent Relief Fund